May is ALS Awareness Month

May is ALS Awareness Month, an opportunity to focus the public spotlight on ALS and gather support for people currently fighting the disease, as well as the search for treatments and a cure. Many people don’t fully understand the impact an ALS diagnosis has on a family, so May is the perfect time to get people talking about what ALS is and what’s necessary to end it once and for all.  Here are a few ways you can raise awareness in your community:

1.  Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and help educate readers about ALS and the critical need for support.

2.  Advocate for people with ALS. Contact your legislator and ask for their support on issues which impact people with ALS: caregiving, tax credits, research funds, long-term care, and so on. Sign up to become an ALS advocate and make your voice heard!

3.  Post some facts about ALS on your social media accounts. Ask your friends to share it! Update your Facebook profile with the ALS Awareness frame and recruit your friends to like our Facebook page and follow this blog!

4.  Tell a friend. Tell a neighbor. Tell a co-worker. Start a conversation about ALS and help people understand the impact of an ALS diagnosis.  Share your story.

5.  Support research and access to high-quality care by donating to the fight – either with a one-time donation or recurring gift, or by including The ALS Association St. Louis Regional Chapter in your planned giving decisions.

To help you spread the word and raise awareness about ALS, visit our website where you’ll find lots of information on this disease, as well as different ways in which you can support care, fund cutting-edge research and advocate for ALS-related issues.

Thank you for lending your voice to the fight against ALS this month to help bring awareness and understanding of this devastating disease!

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