Five Years Later—The Ice Bucket Challenge and YOU!

Let’s not kid ourselves, we can all use help with our memory from time to time. Maybe it’s a prompt like “where did you have it last?” or “Don’t forget Aunt Sally’s birthday is coming up.” Likewise, it can be hard to find the time to sit back and remember “that time when….” We are all busy, and maybe we’ll have time next week, or next month, or after school starts, or after school ends, to look back.

Still, this is one area where social media has been a help. Without that reminder from Facebook or Timehop, you might not remember that time when you took the time to watch the sunset, or won $25 from that scratch-off lottery ticket, or dumped a bucket of ice water over your head.

We’ve spent some time here lately talking about the 5th anniversary of the Ice Bucket Challenge to recognize how the Ice Bucket Challenge affected us in the St. Louis region. We’ve talked about some of the relationships it helped foster, some of the attention it helped gain for people with ALS and how it impacted those facing the disease. The first time we mentioned the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook back in 2014 we had no idea that this would be the beginning of a viral phenomenon.

Our First Post about the Ice Bucket Challenge,
August 4, 2014

The Challenge became what it did because of people in our community like you. Maybe you heard about the Challenge from a friend or family member; maybe you were challenged yourself and then challenged others. The reality is that no one planned for the Ice Bucket Challenge to become “The Ice Bucket Challenge,” it just did because millions of people (around 17 million, actually) saw or heard about the Challenge and decided to take part—and then posted it to social media for your network to see.

If you took the Challenge back in 2014, in the next month or so you’ll likely get a reminder about your video. We hope you’ll share your video again and tag our chapter so we can enjoy these memories with you and everyone else. While we know nothing will ever match the summer 2014, we hope these memories will help us all remember “that time when…” and allow us all to reflect on where we were then, where we are now, and where we are going.

If you’d like to add momentum to what was raised in 2014, you can also include a donate button when you share your post. Or maybe you’ll take the Challenge again and post a “Now and Then” video. As we mark the 5th Anniversary of the Ice Bucket Challenge, we and everyone involved with caring for people with ALS and supporting those working every day to find a cure are asking everyone joined us in 2014 or wants to join us now in 2019 to say “Challenge Me” to do whatever you can do to raise awareness for ALS.

The summer of 2014 brought new attention to ALS not because of a grand plan that was intentionally created but because people—first by the hundreds, then by thousands, then by ever more and more—saw something fun but with a meaning, and decided to take part. We remain thankful for and more than a bit in awe of what happened then. Thank you to everyone who made the Ice Bucket Challenge something worth remembering.

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