ALS Medicare Resource Line—Help with Getting the Help You Need

Sometimes getting the help you need starts with figuring out what help is out there. This is never more true that when you are dealing with a government program, like Medicare. What are the resources? Are you eligible? How do you apply? How do you know what information is reliable?

Now, for people with ALS and their families, there is a reliable, trusted resource they can turn to, free of charge. In partnership with Patient Advocate Foundation, the ALS Association has recently introduced a new resource for the ALS community: The ALS Medicare Resource Line.

The ALS Medicare Resource Line provides people living with ALS, family members and caregivers direct phone access to Medicare experts who can provide guidance and expertise, at no cost to them. Those interested in using the service can call toll-free at 844-244-1306, or learn more at

What specifically can they help with? Here’s a breakdown of what the case managers from the ALS Medicare Resource Line can assist you with:

Enrollment into Appropriate Programs

The case managers will assist with determining eligibility, proper enrollment, and appeal navigation into Medicare. They will can also evaluate eligibility and facilitate application for charity care and discount programs.

Reducing Financial Burden

The case managers can assist you with finding local, regional and national resources for financial support and for practical needs such as housing, utilities, transportation, and food. They can also assist with educational and emotional support resources. They are experienced with workplace protection rules and regulations such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and can guide people with ALS and their families through determining what workplace protections they are entitled to, including applying for workplace benefits or filing appeals if needed.

Of course, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to the needs of a person with ALS. Once started, each case will be different and proceed along a different path and timeline. But if and when you are ready, the ALS Medicare Resource Line is ready as well, just one phone call away.

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