Living with ALS—A Small Look

We have at times here attempted to provide a look at what living with ALS looks like. This is at times daunting as every person with ALS experiences the disease in their own unique way. What is common for all people with ALS is that there are challenges to overcome. These challenges are sometimes small, and sometimes monumental. But they are there—day-in, day-out—and must be met.

At last year’s Ice Bucket Bash, we shared a short video from our board member Steve Ziegler and his fiancée and caregiver Lynn Hogan. The video shows just a bit about what life can be like for a person with ALS, and some of the challenges they face in the everyday tasks of getting from here to there:

Of course, this is not what ALS is like for everyone. But it is a reminder that for every person with ALS and their caregivers, they have to face challenges that others might not even think of—like getting to the airport extra, extra early, or having to plan hours and hours in advance for a trip to the beach, or a trip to a Cards game, or whatever needs to be done tomorrow.

Thank you Steve and Lynn for giving us all peek at a part of your daily life, and for the reminder of what ALS looks like for you.

2 thoughts on “Living with ALS—A Small Look”

  1. I hold this precious couple in such high esteem. No one knows until they’ve walked a similar path. God bless you, sweet kids!


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