Get Ready for Game On!—And You Can Play Along!

If you are listing off all-time favorite TV game shows, Family Feud is certain to come up sooner rather than later in the conversation. And if you are listing off game shows that seem the most fun to be on, Family Feud probably comes up even sooner. Since the beginning way back in the 1970s, it just seems like, well, fun. Right?

But realistically, few if any of us will ever get the chance to be ON Family Feud. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to join in the fun. And if that fun just so happens to support the fight to end ALS, so much the better.

Enter Game On!—The ALS Association’s premier dinner event, combining fun and fundraising in one elaborate extravaganza. This energetic party will continue the momentum of the Ice Bucket Bash, and positively impacting the future of the ALS landscape. The event is Friday, November 12, at historic Union Station.

And enter Family Feud—because this year, guests will enjoy a whimsical event inspired by the legendary game show. Two teams made up of local celebrities—including Carolyn Kindle Betz, Jamal Mayers, Jim Hayes, and Al Hrabosky—and guests will compete. Guests can also buy their way onto a celebrity team to be a part of the fun. The team that raises the most money gets points added to their team score BEFORE the game begins, and the team with the most points at the end of the night will be crowned the winner.

We’d love for you to purchase tickets and join in the fun in person, but for those of you who can’t, you still have a chance to participate. Click the image below to answer the following question:

We’ll let you know what the “survey says” later this week on social media.

And even if you can’t attend in person, you can still bid on some exciting items and packages as part of our Game On! online auction. You can bid now through Friday night, so check it out now.

Game On! should be fun night for all involved, but we remember that we are gathering, playing, and bidding for a purpose—to support people with ALS and their families in our community, and to support the search for new treatments, and a cure. That is the day we truly look forward to celebrating.

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