“Give You More Energy Back for the Things You Want to Do”—Strategies for Maintaining Mobility Video Series

Over the years we’ve talked a lot about how no two cases of ALS are the same; about how each person with ALS and their caregivers experience ALS in their own way. But we also have learned that the experiences of those who have seen the challenges of ALS can be very helpful to those facing the disease. There are solutions out there to many of the challenges people with ALS face, and as importantly there are many, many people out there who are willing to offer both advice and assistance.

About a year ago, we took a look at a video series that explored the respiratory challenges of ALS. Now in a new video series, the ALS Association takes a look at some strategies for coping with and preparing for changes in mobility.

The series features people with ALS and their caregivers asking their questions to experts about topics from getting dressed, eating, and moving around the home and the world. As Shannon Terrell, DPT at the Kaiser ALS clinic notes, these question and concerns are not just about comfort, they are about safety and quality of life.

Planning for Changes in Mobility

Among the pieces of equipment that generate the most questions from people with ALS and their caregivers is the wheelchair, especially a power wheelchair. In this video from the series, Michele Longo, a mobility equipment specialist, talks about the importance of working with a specialist who understands ALS and can anticipate what will be needed in a power wheelchair for maximum independence and long-term comfort.

Obtaining a Power Wheelchair Customized to Your Needs

Thank you to everyone who took part for being willing to sharing these important conversations with the ALS community. We hope they answer some questions you may have, and maybe even spurred some others. As always, if you have questions about mobility and what is best for you, consult with your care team and your ALS Care Service Coordinator. If you are living with ALS and you don’t yet have a Care Service Coordinator, register with our Chapter today.

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